3package deal | The aim of the 3Package Deal is to encourage and assist exceptional talent with affordable living and working spaces, development budget and a network in Amsterdam. This successful programme from the AFK and Bureau Broedplaatsen (BBp) in association with 35 renowned Amsterdam arts institutions is now considered an example of best practices in the field of talent development. Johannes Bellinkx has been proposed by Over het IJ festival, DAS Theatre and Stichting NDSM as an exceptional talent to the Amsterdam Arts Fund. The coalition of this three organisations offer a network and facilitate Johannes Bellinkx during one year in developping his work in public space in Amsterdam Noord.
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Laaglanders | (Lowlanders) from the theatre company Prins te Paard (Prince Charming) is a site specific theatre piece dealing with the very dutch theme: the fight against the water. In the newly made land (Noordoostpolder) 4 meters below sea level the performance was uniquely made on site. With poetic images and spectacular water effects it pictures the tough struggle of 3 men against the water.

Director: Rutger Bergboer & Liset Moerdijk
Dramaturgy: Jeanette van Steen
Composition: Tomas Postma
Costume design: Teunis Ruiten
Performers: Johannes Bellinkx, Sus Verbruggen, Menno Vroon
Production: Annemiek Vlaming
Technical support:Jet van Heteren and Peter Cordes

Trailer: www.prins-te-paard.nl/laaglanders
Photo's Kenneth Stamp

Junction | A visual performance about finding yourself in a situation, that seemed advantageous for you at first, but where you gradually find out that the image you had is not in line with reality. Merel Kamp tackles this subject with 3 kilometers of rope, with which she constructs an ingenious shape between the trees.

Thankful acknowledgment to:
Lars Rodrigues/Poel Bosbouw, Jelmer van der Sluis, Casper de Vries/De Tuin der Lusten, Jeroen Henstra, Jet van Heteren, Maik ter Veer, Bas Mans, Lucas Steenhuis, Touwfabiek Langman, Circo Circolo en Coöperatie Het Domijn

foto Joris Hol
foto Joris Hol
foto Joris Hol

Gruwel | In a Victorian mansion, a distinguished couple gets an unannounced visit. They ignore the bell, but the mysterious guest slips in and does not intend ever to leave. For the couple, his cheerful presence is a provocative torment that slowly drives them to insanity.
For Gruwel theater maker Gienke Deuten is inspired by the American writer and illustrator Edward Gorey (1925-2000). A loner with an elegant sense of horrors. His witty stories are about sinister creatures, lonely figures in fur coats, empty spaces in big country houses and rain that never ceases. 
Gruwel is a disturbing, still and beautifully designed performance about what happens when you systematically close your eyes to the dormant unrest that haunts you.

Concept: Gienke Deuten
Gemaakt en gespeeld door: Job Raaijmakers, Johannes Bellinkx en Mijke Werkema.
Muziek: Dennis van Tilburg
Vormgeving: Liesje Knobel
Dramaturgie: Dorine Cremers
Kostuums: Sanne Lips

Schraapzucht Theater Tuig | The need from striving to bigger, to more and much more than grand. Blinded by this hunger, at the expense of friendships, people and nature. It is a real art to keep that which has started with enthusiasm and naivety in harmony with oneself. To get everything going is already quite a task. Once things are underway and you begin to get used to the benefits this has gained you, it is difficult to keep this in balance. After all, standstill is deterioration, that has been imprinted thoroughly in us. Until you no longer realize what it actually started with. That originality can no longer be touched. How do you get back there again, how do you loose yourself from the acceleration? Search for the originality, through this visual and musical performance of 45 minutes.

concept: Marc van Vliet
eindregie: Anke Boerstra
regie advies Jos Thie
compositie: Jeroen van Vliet
spel: Anneke Hofman, Johannes Bellinkx, Merel Voorsluis, Valentin Hacke
( of; Hanneke de Man, Emiel Driesten, Dorus vd Meer)
techniek: Freek Ros ( of; Allex Veldman, Alex Cailliau)
productie: Wendy Moonen

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