'Continuum is a continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different
from each other, but the extremes are quite distinct. ’
[1] (Oxford Dictionary)

Continuum is a physical experience in which you become aware that everything is one continuous movement. A movement that is much larger than our humanness, which begins and ends far beyond our parameters, or perhaps never started and with this never ends. It is an experience that shows us that everything just happens as it happens. I want to disrupt Cartesian enlightenment thinking (Cogito ergo sum) which—consciously and unconsciously—permeates our lives.
Our brains have evolved in such a way that they focus on contrast. Black and white, light-dark, large-small, the greater the distinction, the more polarized the image and the greater the impact (Donald Hoffmann). In order to properly understand the world around us, we need differentiation. Which is expressed not just in contrast, but in language too. Words differentiate things conceptually. With Continuum, I want people to see in a way that goes beyond this limiting view. I hope to create space for a new, more dynamic, broader, all-embracing perspective.

To be able to offer this sweeping perspective, I want to create an immersive experience that eliminates the distinction between what you see, hear and feel—an experience that eliminates the distinction between the different senses. As a viewer you are transported through the space by mechanically driven seats, (like a small train), and your view is limited to a framework. Through that framework you see a space that is also in motion, it is both mobile and continuously changes. This space is created by a huge white paper screen able to rotate and distort in a variety of ways and is central to the performance. The combined effect of movement, the ever-changing screen, and the play of light compels the viewer to abandon their frame of reference. What begins as a very disorientating experience can—by relinquishing old reference systems—morph into space for something new and make you part of the never-ending motion.
Just like Reverse and Framing, in this project I also use very simple analogic means (moving framed view and moving white paper) to create an unforgettable immersive experience.

Production: Production of SoAP Maastricht The Netherlands
Co-production: Feikes Huis Amsterdam, The Netherlands and C-Takt Neerpelt/Genk, Belgium
Concept and Direction: Johannes Bellinkx
Artistic co-creation and dramaturgy: Tamar Blom
Artistic co-creation and composition: Dennis van Tilburg
Lightdesign: Grisha Rungen, Neal Groot
Creative Production: Jakob Proyer
Installation: Soultech - Merijn Versnel and Guido Bevers and Merel Kamp (sacs)

Winternights Festival Maastricht, 13 + 14 December 2019
Second Preview Amsterdam, 10 - 12 July 2020
Noorderzon festival Groningen, 14 - 16 August 2020
Beyond the Black Box, Amsterdam, 11 - 13 February 2021
Theater Kikker/Het Huis Utrecht, Utrecht, 22 - 24 April 2021
Over het IJ Festival, Amsterdam, 9 - 18 July 2021

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