Framing | INSTALLATION/IN-SITU — Johannes Bellinkx makes subtle changes to the environment, directing and determining what the spectator sees. By entering this viewing installation, you become part of a visual poem that challenges your familiar visual and rational frames of reference.
Which elements of this visual story are real, and which staged? The location, the ambient sound, the objects and people are manipulated. Bellinkx forces us to look at what is normally invisible. 

For each performance, the choice of location and the arrangement is discussed with local actors. These discussions – about roles, meaning and the potential of the space – make up part of the fuel for the final piece
In this way, Framing as a theatrical production – but also as a creative process – is able to act as a connecting factor between different communities and individuals within a city.

Concept and direction: Johannes Bellinkx
Visual direction: Thijs Wieman

Composition and soundscape: Dennis van Tilburg

Performance: Merel Kamp, Koen van der Heijden, Erwin Dorr
Artistic consultancy: Ruben Bellinkx

Dramaturgy: Loes van der Pligt
Technical producer: Jeroen Henstra
Production: SoAP Maastricht
Co-production: Feikes Huis, Amsterdam

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