Homo Inflatius | The world population is massively overweight due to excessive food. The obesity crisis is a fact. Homo Inflatius shows the next evolutionary step of Homo Sapiens. Inflatius is Latin for exaggeration. The exaggerated man is oveweight, very overweight and obsessed with himself and his origins. As with all evolutionary steps, there are not only disadvantages. The homo inflatius withstands falling better, he floats, he no longer need airbags in his car and he can dance in a very different but modern way. They can attack each other with paving tiles and spades, fall out of trees and roll and bounce across the ground effortlessly. Homo Inflatius gives us a glimpse into the future and at the same time takes you on a crazy trip to our existential origins.

Johannes Bellinkx: concept/regie
Yannick Greweldinger, Dwayne Toemere, Tamar Blom en Wannes De Porre: spel
Sanne Lips: kostuum
Wilco Alkema: compositie
Tim Vleugel: licht en techniek
Maarten Lok: artistiek advies
Frits van Driel, Theater Tuig: technische ondersteuning

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