Our brain has evolved in a way that it focusses on contrast. Black and white light-dark, large-small: the greater the distinction, the more polarized the image and the greater the impact (Donald Hoffmann). In order to properly understand the world around us, we need differentiation. This is expressed not just in contrast, but in language too. Words differentiate things conceptually. With my work, I would like people to experience that what they see in a way goes beyond this limiting notion. I hope to create space for a new, more dynamic, broader, all-embracing perspective.

The work of Johannes Bellinkx balances between performance, live cinema, visual art and sound art. He designs experiences that make a philosophical, political or cultural insight physically tangible. It is often characterized as immersive and always relates to the space or the context it is placed in. Collaboration with artists from various disciplines is crucial to the artistic process of Bellinkx' work.
  • Dutch podcast
    In deze aflevering gaat kunstenaar Johannes Bellinkx met Lieneke Hulshof in gesprek en vertelt dat in ieder werk dat hij maakt eigenlijk wel een soort onmogelijkheid moet zitten; dat succes voor hem veel meer in het proces dan het eindresultaat ligt.
  • Karin Veraart
    Beautiful colors glide along intriguing surfaces and disappear again, matching associations arise and slip. That may sound like something soothing, but it isn't. Bellinkx also keeps it exciting in a beautiful way.
  • Sander Janssens
    Reverse has a clever dramatic composition… Little by little, however, Reverse turns out to be more than simply a pleasant experience [...] Here is where Bellinkx, with his distinctive filmic signature, shows his engagement. [...] a mental quest in which the spectators are challenged to drop all of their patterns and initial impulses and have blind faith in the unknown.
  • Fransien van der Putt
    It has something of the sublime, of a liberation, it feels like I am immersed in a sea of time and space. In this work theory and philosophy become material and essential at a very accessible level. Continuum is a wondrous panorama without an overview many visitors will gladly entrust themselves to this multisensory experience.
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